Wildcrafting Immersions

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Join Lori In The Woods

 We offer a variety of unique opportunities for those who wish to connect with nature.

Our Immersions are an experience, offering you a hands-on, A to Z foundation of wildcrafting medicinals along our ridge

This class is typically taught by Lori with Ricky’s assistance & customized to meet your interests. Whether for a day or the weekend, we’re committed to connecting you with the mountain and broadening your perspective of the plants that provide so much to our lives.

Topics We Cover

Understanding Plants in their Natural Environments

The Language of Plants

Natural & Herbal History of the Region

Sensory Awareness & Intuitive Plant Medicine

Mountain Meditations

Folklore, Stories & Anecdotes

Forest Farming, Microenvironments, Polyculture & Permaculture

Sustainable Wildcrafting & Herb Processing

At Risk Plants & Their Alternatives

Accommodations & Logistics

Conveniently located at Orchard Gap, Fancy Gap Va. We’re fortunate to have Lonesome Pines Cabin Rentals adjacent to our ridge.

Although accommodations aren’t included in your event price, we’re here to help you make arrangements for these economical cabins.

Food & other necessities are your responsibility unless included in your package.

Cabin Rentals

Address: 64 Lonesome Cabin Ln, Fancy Gap, VA 24328

Contact us for more information or to reserve your spot

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