Our Commitment

To Nature

Protect Native Plants

Upon awareness of the realities of commercial harvesting, it’s become our life’s commitment to protect the At-Risk Plants that flourish in our area before they are lost to future generations. Our harvest of slow growing roots is from areas where land use would cause their destruction. In addition, for each plant harvested, one is moved to safe location where it can continue to thrive & reproduce.


We believe that non-use is not the way to protect plants from overharvesting. On the contrary, the plants want to be used; it’s their inner purpose. We’re committed to propagating At-Risk plants and other natives, increasing local populations and strengthening the ecosystem of our area. Our work includes managing invasive plants, practicing plant husbandry and planting back.

A Voice for the Ridge

Knowing the whole picture of commercial wild harvesting, its impact on regional ecosystems, and the many levels of separation within the herbal community, we can’t idly sit back in silence.

Speaking for the plants, we are impelled to share the natural & herbal history of our region. Sharing the realities of commercial wild harvesting and inspiring ideas of how we, as individuals, can contribute to lasting change.

To You

Mindful Harvest

We take great care to ensure that our collective is practicing the Four R’s – the right part of the right plant, in the right place at the right time – when harvesting.

We provide specimen plants for species identification in the form of full plant samples with each shipment. Harvests are separated into lots, and tracked from harvest location through processing and shipment. It’s our desire to help you meet all FDA and inspection standards. We work closely with our herbalists to provide all needed documentation.

Quality Botanicals

Be it flower, leaf, bark, root – whatever your botanical flavor – we’re committed to bringing the best possible herbs to market. From digging to washing & processing we’re researching & implementing ‘best handling practices‘ with the desire to see standards set within the community.

Unique Native Plants

An aspect of stopping the overharvesting of At-Risk plants is finding new markets for wild medicinals and giving diggers alternatives to harvest.  We’re forging a new path, navigating the varied markets for botanicals, and raising awareness of native alternatives for herbal use. Throughout the Appalachian region, there are many desirable plants in great abundance such as violet leaf, blackberry leaf, yarrow, and goldenrod. Creating markets for these items is the backbone of our work towards regional sustainability.

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