Our Farm

Bearz Mountain isn’t a place you can pin point on the map, it’s our journey to finding a sustainable alternative to commercial wildcrafting. More than a simple farm, Bearz Mountain is in a biodiverse region of southwest Virginia where our forest farm and nurseries dot the ridges. A small but growing endeavor, we’re guided by our principles – in all that we do, we’re dedicated to healing plants, people and our planet.


Bearz Mountain isn’t your typical farm, more than a place to grow medicinal herbs, we’re creating a sustainable model for providing native medicinals to the herbal community.


Utilizing permaculture techniques such as polycultures & forest farming, we focus on plant medicine rather than mass production. Our plants grow in their natural state within their community of plants, in the environment that they love. Rather than large beds of plants, we let the plants guide us. They let us know if they are happy. We’re always learning, studying & evolving. This isn’t just a business, but a journey of life long passion & learning.


Although Bearz Mountain is in it’s infancy, it’s blossoming into a hidden jewel of abundant plant medicine, a sanctuary & a community. A coalition of lovers of native plants, who desire to protect them, love to garden & learn their many mysteries. Bearz Mountain is where we come together to create sustainable methods for wild grown & gathered herbs, and return the people to the plants that heal them.

Building healthy plant populations
Using our abundance to build our community
Being a voice for the Mountain

The Vision

An ever-growing endeavor, our desire is to connect others to the plants & their heritage, while providing quality botanicals through our apothecary & native plant nursery. As part of this vision, we’re creating a special place for a cultural learning center & historical working farm.  Not a typical conservation center, our farm will be a network of stewardship tracts throughout our area, saving this special place one piece of land at a time.

Our Farm

What We’re Doing

This season we’re stepping out & continuing building with the help of friends & United Plant Savers

Our Apothecary the principal method of meeting our overhead, is growing & this year we’re filling our shelves with native sustainable herbage & select woodland botanicals for bulk sales.

Woods Nursery & Farms as we acquire stewardship leases, we’re building woodland nurseries & infrastructure to begin contract growing & propagation of At-Risk Woodland Medicinal Plants.

Food Farm – At our home farm, we’re developing an organic permaculture farm to provide fresh vegetables to our community at low cost. In addition, we’re building our herb farm, planting a number of perennials, utilizing open fields & building more greenhouses.

Community Outreach – Enriching our community & preserving our heritage are important to our work. This year we’re reaching out beyond our back door, through social media, videos & an at risk plant focused educational campaign we hope to build momentum behind preserving Appalachian botanicals for years to come.

Support Our Work

Help us grow! By supporting our work, you’ll be providing us with essential tools needed to secure conservation land, build our education & farm nursery.

See our fundraising campaign here

Connecting Herbalists with Wildcrafters

Adopt a Digger

The current digger / root broker model isn’t working & encourages over harvesting, improper processing & inappropriate wages for harvesters. We desire to see this change!

Our Adopt-A-Digger program is the innovation of our collective & friends, connecting herbalist to harvester for direct sales.

If you’re a digger, post your available harvest or browse want ads. Herbalists may browse for herbs or post a wanted list.

By purchasing directly, herbalists are able to ensure they are receiving the best quality possible while making sustainable choices and following best practices. In addition, by removing the middle men, diggers are also valued. Diggers are able and eager to learn and adapt to the changing market just as herbalists are excited to have access to quality botanicals.

A newly developed program, our current ads are limited. Please help us spread the word and bring change by changing the market model & demand.

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