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come into the woods with us

Throughout the year we offer classes, workshops & immersion experiences. Unlike most schools, we don’t have a classroom – the mountain is our school. We focus on nature based wisdom, restoring our heritage, reconnecting with the plants & more. There are a number of opportunities for you to learn with us.

Open to the General Public, we offer our students the foundations, tools & guidance to learn the timeless principles of folk wildcrafting & work sustainably with plants – in field, forest & farm. Typically, we work with small groups or one-on-one allowing us to tailor each class or event to meet the specific needs & interests of those who visit our ridge.

Our team works, teaches & plays side-by-side with students & volunteers in the rich ecosystem of our ridges of rural S.W. Virginia.

Ongoing Educational Opportunities

All of our classes are open to any interested students – No previous herbal experience or prerequisites needed.

We offer individually tailored classes and speaking events for individuals or small groups.

Contact us to find out more.

We’d be honored to share our knowledge & traditions. We bring the message of our woods to others by sharing folk wildcrafting and herbalism with others. From scout troops to community events, we’ll introduce you to the native plants of the area & share the story of the Appalachian Mountains.

Contact us to discuss your event!

Wild Crafting A-Z : from plant ID to processing we cover it all

Appalachian Natural & Herbal History

Native Plants & Sustainable Wildcrafting

The Realities of Commercial Wildcrafting

Intuitive Herbaslim & Whole Plant Medicine

At-Risk Plants & Their Alternatives

We cherish those who join in our work & come to gleam from our knowledge. We’re always happy to take on apprentices or have volunteers join us for a few hours during the work day.

From planting to harvesting & everything in-between, there’s always something to do at the farm or on the ridge.

Contact Lori to make the appropriate arrangements.

Ongoing Educational Opportunities

Whether it’s for the day or the weekend, we offer unique opportunities for those who wish to connect with nature

Wildcrafting Immersion –  Hands on A to Z field experience gathering wild medicinal plants while learning about the plants in their natural environment featuring exercises in sustainability, micro-environments, polycultures, plant husbandry & much more. Work side by side with our team as we share our heritage.

Native Plant Adventure –  More than a typical plant walk, we immerse you in the plants of our region. Learn their habitats, identification, historic uses, propagation & conservation. In our woods or yours, we’re always available to come host a walk for your community group.

Plant Circle –  A sixth generation wildcrafter, former poacher and now plant activist, Lori speaks for the plants in ways that others can’t. Learn the natural & herbal history of the Appalachian, hear the realities of commercial wild harvesting & connect with the spirit of our region through Lori’s stories.

Appalachian Intuitive Herbalism –  A true bioregional herbalist, Heidi’s practice and perspective comes from a relationship of mutual respect & healing with the plants around her. Honoring the interest & desire for healing from whole, fresh plants, Heidi offers methods not often shared encompassing a great number of plants. Her cabin is where Granny Witch & Science collide, infusing ethnobotanical and& modern eclectic learning. Heidi teaches on a number of related topics for experienced students & the beginner & is always happy to personalize an event to meet the specific needs & interests of your group.

Appalachian Folk Wildcrafting Retreat –  We offer in-depth retreats at our farm customized for you or your small group where we’ll host you for the night or weekend. In addition to wildcrafting skills, we’ll focus on the language of plants, observation & sensory awareness, mountain meditation, walking in our footsteps & folklore, as well as storytelling around the campfire, sunrise nature walks & much more.

Join Us In the Woods

Immerse yourself in our Ridge

Allow it to connect your spirit with the plants

Aug – Sept 2017 Join us for a rare treat, Heidi will be on our ridge working & sharing. Her perspective of whole plant medicine, in-depth knowledge of native plant uses & their innovative uses is truly unique. Heidi is steeped in innovative based herbalism passed down through her Native American heritage.

We hope that you’ll join us for a day in the woods & take advantage of this special opportunity!

Day Passes

We specialize in providing a hands on, A to Z wildcrafting experience

This is the real deal. Our wildcrafting day passes allow you to walk in the footsteps of our team, directly experiencing what wildcrafters do, as well as how and why we do it.

Topics that we cover include:

  • Plant Identification
  • Ethical Wildcrafting Skills
  • Harvesting & Processing
  • Forest Farming & Propagation


Cost – $30 per wildcrafting event; $150 to attend any seven days of your choosing. $250 for an unlimited seasonal pass to any local wildcrafting events (up to fifteen sessions). Approximately 3 1/2 hours in the morning or afternoon.

Plant Circles

Heidi & Lori are always happy to come share with your group

Our Plant Circles are a plunge into a variety of topics:

Appalachian Natural and Herbal History

Appalachian Folk Wildcrafting and Sustainability

The Realities of Commercial Harvesting

At-Risk Plants & Their Alternatives

Intuition Based Herbalism

Whole Plant & Fresh Plant Medicine

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Our Farm - 2017 seasonal plan

This is a busy season for our crew!

Some of the happenings this Spring are:

Plant Rescue from a local logging area & moving them to our Woods Nursery

Harvesting Spring Leaves & Flowers

Clearing out Invasive Plants from our Farm Ares

Planting & Expanding our Permculture Herb Farm


2017 Events

2017 Events

May 13th

          Native Plant Immersion – Orchard Gap Va 

          Cost 40.00 per adult 

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