Adopt a Digger

Adopt a Digger –  where diggers are valued as well as the plants

Birthed while walking in the woods with two amazing ladies, Adopt a digger was born out of a desire to create a new selling market for wild harvested medicinals.

Much more than a simple statement can cover, this program connects herbalist to wild harvesters.

This program not only cuts out the middle men from harvester to herbalist, it also allows herbalists to have a personal connection with the digger.

Some reasons to get involved are...

For Herbalists

Supporting local families and the community – by adopting a digger you’re providing for that family an income and in turn helping a community.

Sparking Education – by adopting a digger you’re able to share you knowledge and love for plant medicine. Many diggers only know that woodland botanical are worth money. Yet, many don’t know what they are used for.  Sharing your knowledge not only enrich the harvester. It can also spark a stewards heart.

Mindful Harvest – by adopting a digger you have able to have a hand in your harvest and know it’s direct source.  Through plant plates, plant samples and other methods, you’re able to show inspectors with solid plant identification with the shipment lot. In addition, you can ensure that you’re receiving the appropriate cultivar, harvest was at the proper time in the plants life and much more.

Sustainable Harvests – by working closely with a digger, you’ll be able to ensure your harvest isn’t from poaching. But beyond, you’ll be able to help your harvester provide items that are marketable and sustainable which they are not aware of.  Unfortunately, many diggers don’t realize that things like dandelion, yellow doc, leaves, berries, etc are desired. Instead, they only know what their root broker purchases.

For Diggers

Higher Prices – Through Adopt a Digger, you’re able to cut out the middle men and provide your harvest directly. Though there is no standard industry price, selling directly allows you to receive much more than a local broker would pay.

Less Work – Many herbalist prefer to work with fresh plant matter. This means no washing and drying, cutting down on the amount of time invested into a harvest. Who doesn’t like more time to take care of other things around the house.  Also, getting paid more means you don’t have to harvest as much to meet your financial needs.

Pride – Knowing who you’re digging for and what they are doing with it gives you a greater scene of pride. Working directly with an herbalist you’re able to see and know the end product and how it’s helping people. Though you may not realize it, wild plants make great medicine and there’s a great demand for these high quality botanicals.

Sustainability – As we all know, there is less ginseng and goldenseal than there was a few years ago. But, we need money to take care of our families – so we dig. Working with an herbalist you’ll be able to learn new things that are desired, many of which are only arial parts. Together you can develop a harvest plan for these desired items which will continue to grow back each year to provide your income. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to harvest a pound of leaves than it is to trek up and down the ridge.

How it Works

A new project, we need your assistance to spread the word & help others find our connection hub.

Diggers / Harvesters – post your available items & share what things are in your area that can potentially be harvested.

Herbalists/Buyers – post items that you are looking for&8 please share the amount you’re willing to pay for a pound.


When making a listing, please use both common & botanical name as this helps buyers when a particular cultivar is desired.

Photos are a must for both wanted & selling posts! It helps the buyer know what to expect and the harvester ensure they have the proper plant.

Logistics is always a concern. Consider overnight shipments via the buyers UPS account. This will ensure fresh botanicals arrive healthy & happy. Both buyer & harvester are encouraged to explore best shipping options collectively; possibly even shipping a test package.

This is a free service. Bearz Mountain is not a root broker and does NOT make commission or any type of compensation for connections or sales.

We are not liable nor responsible for any aspects of the purchasing process.

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