Our Collective

Our hearts are bound to this land, to the plants that thrive here. Like the instinctual love between a mother and child, we care passionately for the Ridge. It’s secret places, unknown to others, is our home.

Together, Heidi and Lori's unique knowledge
and fierce
of the plants
make up the backbone
Bearz Mountain
Their story,
long and interweaving,
stretches through generations of
strong pioneering women,
and medicine makers
You are invited to come along
on their journey of
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and education
known as
Bearz Mountain

Fueled by a desire to find an alternative to local root brokers, Lori & Heidi began the twisted journey that’s led to where we are. Along the way, we picked up Ricky, the family mountain man & former poacher who helps Lori along the ridge. A student of his grandfather, Ricky knows the hollars & ridges like the back of his hand. As we grow, other’s are joining our work in one way or another.

With the help of local herbalists, we’re finding new markets and connecting with small companies to provide herbs.

Our Founders

  • Lori
    Lori Folk Wildcrafter

    Lori is the Keeper of this place. She protects it, loves it, and speaks – is a voice for it – for it. A special connection that spans generations of – through – her family, Bearz Mountain isn’t merely her home. Lori has been gifted with the stories of each plant and the heart to tell them. Her family has been stewards of this mountain for over two hundred years, carefully tending the populations while living among the Grandfather trees, taking shelter and solace in their shade. Lori has a lifelong education and experience observing the plants, the ecosystem, and the impacts of others. She knows many of the old ways, lost to the current generation, and fulfills her life’s purpose in sharing this wealth – of knowledge, culture, and love – with others who seek it

  • Heidi
    Heidi Folk Herbalist

    Toddling behind Grandmother in garden and field, Heidi is a curator of secret knowledge. A generational legacy of folk herbalism informs her every action with plants from propagation to harvest and medicine making. Heidi readily accepts help from plants long forgotten and uses traditional methods to create special preparations. Raised in a Cherokee family, Heidi developed a relationship with the land as a child and a connection to Appalachia through family stories long before her first footsteps onto the Ridge took her joyfully down the path of discovery

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