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The Appalachian’s first full service apothecary & nursery dedicated to education and stewardship

Providing quality fresh & dried herbs in small batches from our medicinal forest farm and sustainable wild harvest

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Bearz Mountain is much more than you or me. It’s bigger than plant medicine & it’s driven by much more than a deep love & passion for the plants. It’s about restoring our past & mending our relationship & connection with the land

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Our Farm

A work in progress, Bearz Mountain comprises of a woods nursery, forest farms and home based permaculture farms. We’re wild harvesting sustainable botanicals, growing popular medicinal herbs, and cultivating woodland medicinals

Our goal is to create a working model to not only bring our ridge’s bounty to market but to also protect the special botanical richness of our area. One of the bio-diverse areas in the country, many at-risk plants thrive in our woods. A unique place of sanctuary and learning, our endeavors are funded by the sale of top quality Appalachian medicinals and live plants

Our Team

 Lori has harvested from the ridges of her area for over 10 years as her ancestors before her have for 5 generations. Through a chance encounter on Facebook, a friendship between kindred souls was born. The other half of Bearz Mountain, Heidi, began to share her wisdom & the importance of the plants with Lori. A former poacher, Lori is now a teacher, keeper of the ridge and boots on the ground. Assisted by her cousin Ricky – they plant, propagate, study & harvest throughout each season. Steeped in Appalachian plant wisdom, they share their knowledge & love for the plants through workshops, classes, plant walks & immersions.

As a generational folk herbalist, Heidi has a distinctive way of listening to the intention of plants for making medicine, using instinct & intuition together with the whisperings of herbs as her guide. She readily shares all that she has learned with anyone interested to listen. Together, they’ve embarked through a new door. Sharing their unique blend of local whole plant medicine, using natives that are found in abundance rather than At-Risk plants, and folk wildcrafting & processing. Their perspective is one that until now has been untapped. Join the Bearz Mountain team as we learn together how to best represent the plants of our home and teach others about their extraordinary value.

Walk the Plant Path with Us

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It’s through the shared desire to make a difference that Bearz Mountain is possible. Our partners, volunteers and apprentices are a vital part of our success. There’s always something to do on the farms!


Our Team collectively holds many years of rich plant history between them. Always eager to share and happy to see others connect with the land, we are excited to host volunteers and apprenticeship partners


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