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Artisinal Remedies for Everyday Life

One of the truly wonderful things about Bearz Mountain Naturals is that when you choose to purchase from us, the product source is simple to trace. Our plants are harvested on the same mountain where they’re transformed into herbal remedies. A family affair, our harvesters, herbalist, processing helpers, and bottlers make up our small collective

We are dedicated to providing customers with the best possible wildcrafted herbal choices. The plants we use are native to the fields, ridges, and hallars of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains. From collecting along meadow streams to gathering in the deep woods, we sustainably harvest over 300 pounds of fresh herbs and roots by hand each year

From tinctures, teas, salves, soaps, to any other of our specialized collections, from seed to bottle, you can feel good about the quality and integrity, joy and gratitude that infuse our daily work at Bearz Mountain Naturals

Not Your Typical Apothecary                                      

At Bearz Mountain our products are developed from the whole plant. Holding firm to our belief in local plants, we don’t order herbs from bulk suppliers or add in essential oils that are not native our area.  Our items have the natural scent and colors of the plants from which they are made.

non GMO – Wild Grown – 100% Organic                      Pesticide & Herbicide Free                                            Gathered by Hand –                                                       Harvested When Each Plant is At Peek                         Child & Family Safe –  Adulterant Free

Folk Apothecary 

We are committed to carrying on the traditions of our those who’ve climbed the mountains before us, and reviving our heritage. Bearz Mountain Naturals is breathing life back into the traditional medicine of the mountains. Not your typical ‘folk’ remedies, Bearz Mountain Naturals takes pride in merging modern science with knowledge passed down through our family lines

Our cabin is where nature, science, and oral tradition collide

Wild Crafted 

The roots and herbs used in our products are sustainably harvested from the ridges, hollars, meadows and fields of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the same mountain where the Bear clan settled to forge a way of life in the new world 

The team at Bearz Mountain Naturals is committed to protecting the natural world around us. We harvest in a manner that ensures that our mountain continues to flourish with flowers and our plants remain plentiful for generations to come

Our Collection 

Most of the products that you’ll find at Bearz Mountain are similar to what’s typically found in great grandma’s medicine cabinet. Featuring items for both healthy living and typical ailments, our hand crafted products are family friendly and good for you. From the herbs and roots we gather to the base’s we infuse them in, our lines are organic, non gmo, herbicide and pesticide free

More than an herbal shop, we carry products that are unique to the Blue Ridge Mountains and our culture. From tinctures and salves, syrups and vinegars, seeds and more, we specialize in gathering the best of what our mountain has to offer for your home 

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